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Richard M. Nixon.  Presidential Archive—45 million documents.  Now at National Archives II, College Park, MD. John Payne’s thorough and professional appraisal of the Presidential Materials of President Richard Nixon was of invaluable assistance to us in our efforts to secure just compensation under the Constitution for the government’s taking of the materials.”  Martin D. Minsker, Esq., Former Counsel for the Estate of President Nixon.

Dallas Public Library. Your appraisal of our Fine Books Collection will be of significant value in helping us promote and protect the collection.  It was enjoyable to work with someone who shares our passion for fine books, and I am grateful for the tremendous knowledge and resources that you brought to the project.”  Carol Roark, Director of Special Collections.  The extensive Fine Books Collection includes one of 25 surviving copies of the original printing of the Declaration of Independence—the Ira G. Corn, Jr. and Joseph P. Driscoll copy.  Also present are the first and fourth folio editions of Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, 1623 and 1685

F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection assembled by Professor Matthew Bruccoli.  An important collection of manuscripts, books, photographs, ephemera, etc.  Now at the University of South Carolina.  Previously the largest collection in private hands.  “Arlyn and I are gratified by the elegantly bound copy of the Payne appraisal report of our F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection.  We were already impressed by your work; now we are impressed by your taste and generosity.”

Aldous Huxley.  Personal Literary Archive.  “Thank you for your admirable and aesthetic work on Aldous’ archive.”  Laura Huxley

Leonard Lauder.  An important collection of rare Japanese Postcards.  Previously the largest collection in private hands outside of Japan [25,000 cards] and now the largest collection in an institution in the United States.  Now at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Many thanks for the superb job that you did in evaluating my Japanese postcard collection.  I have had many appraisals done in the past, but none of the quality and thoughtfulness of yours.”

James C. Wright.  Congressman and Speaker, U S. House of Representatives.  Personal Library and Political Archive.  Now at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.  “Thank you John.  You’ve blown some air among those boxes of my archive to allow in a little light so that scholars can see what’s there.”

Joyce Carol Oates.  Personal Literary Archive.  Now at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.  “I was very impressed with your thoroughness, integrity, and high standards in regard to my archive.”

Tennessee Williams.  An important collection assembled by Fred Todd.  Williams manuscripts, typescripts, books, journals, etc.   Now at The Historic New Orleans Collection.   “No one at the Historic New Orleans Collection could have been less than impressed with the appraisal document—to me, a superb example of detail with emphasis on the content of the collection.  All the high spots were perceptively recognized in context to the overall survey, which was meticulously described.”

Charles Alan Wright.  Former University of Texas law professor, author of Federal Practice and Procedure, and one of the nations’ leading authorities on the Federal Courts and the U. S. Constitution.  Personal and Legal Archive and Library.  Now at The Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.  “Thank you for the appraisal of the Charles Alan Wright materials.  You did a thorough and professional job.  You have shown the monetary and intellectual value of the collection, which I especially appreciate.”  Roy M. Mersky, William Stamps Farish Professor of Law and Director of Research, Tarlton Law Library.

Tom Wright.  An extensive and important collection of Rock and Roll Photography [ca 100,000 prints].  Now at The University of Texas at Austin. Your appraisal report knocked my socks off!”

Harry Crews.  Personal literary archive.  Now at the University of Georgia.  “You did a superior and workmanlike job on the ‘not so neat’ scribblings I leave behind.  It is an honor for you to consider me with the literary and world leaders you have had as clients.  Thank you for the time, energy, and most of all, the expertise you brought to the job.  I don’t know where I could have found anybody who could have equaled the work you did.”

Edward Mudge.  Ornithological Library.  Now at The Natural History Museum, Fair Park, Dallas.  Previously the largest collection in private hands.  “I recently had my father’s ornithological library appraised and cataloged by Mr. Payne.  I feel that no one else would have done as good and professional job.”

Other Collections Appraised

Andy Warhol.  Extensive Personal Archive and Library.  Now at the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

John F. Kennedy.  Library and Archive of John F. Kennedy Assassination materials collected by Mary Ferrell.  The largest collection in private hands.  Now in Boston.

Helen Keller.  Personal Archive and Library.  Now at the American Foundation for the Blind, New York City. 

Christopher Isherwood Literary Archive.  The Collection of Don Bachardy.   Now at the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA. 

Newspaper Archives: Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Examiner, Dallas Times Herald

Molly Ivins’ Library.  Now at the Southwestern Writers Collection and Wittliff Gallery, The Alkek Library at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.



Andy Warhol Estate
New York City
Personal archive and library

Richard M. Nixon Estate
Yorba Linda, California
Presidential Archive

James C. Wright
Former U. S. Congressman and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Fort Worth, Texas
Personal and political archive [1956-1990] and personal library

General Charles "Chuck" Yeager
Cedar Ridge, California
Personal and professional archive and library

Joyce Carol Oates
Princeton, New Jersey
Personal and professional archive and library

Tom Wright
San Antonio, Texas
Photographic archive of The Who and other Rock Groups